Our Process

Our Process

Customized Solutions

Rave Interiors takes the time to develop a customized solution that fits the way you live. Whether it’s a small-scale remodel, complete re-design or plans for new construction, we’ll turn your vision into a place that’s uniquely equipped for your lifestyle and balances both form and function.


By taking the time to discuss your objectives and preferences, routines and habits, we create designs with a purpose – whether it’s a completely re-designed floor plan that re-imagines or enlarges the space and enhances the flow, a creative and thoughtful kitchen or bathroom concept, a new window to bring in the sun or maximize a view, or furniture layouts and selections.


Rave Interiors also brings extensive experience to a process that can be overwhelming. During a design project, the choices are endless. So we plan, develop, and design down to the smallest details to maximize the functionality of the space and bring an intention to each area – all while maintaining balance with a beautiful, cohesive aesthetic. Throughout the process, we are available to help navigate many decisions on your behalf to make the whole experience more manageable.

Simplified Process

Rave Interiors provides project guidance from start to finish – we work with your architect or contractor or help you find the right one, find where to invest more or cut back, choose which materials best fit your lifestyle, and give overall support to make the project as seamless as possible while staying within your budget.

We share our knowledge and experience at each stage of the project to minimize stress and make the process less overwhelming.