Our Favorite Ikea Hack
June 16, 2021
A lot us don't have the spacious, stunning mudrooms or entryways that we often see on design shows or in magazines.  Instead, many of us live in homes that have small entryways that lack adequate storage for things  That's when this Ikea shoe storage cabinet can be a wonderful addition to an entryway. [...]
Where to Invest in a Remodel:  Enlarge or Add a Window
May 26, 2021
When I meet with clients for the first time and they’re embarking on a remodel project, they often inquire where it makes sense to invest more of their budget and where it makes sense to cut back. One of the best and most impactful changes to an existing space and one that is well worth [...]
Our Favorite Cabinetry Inserts When Designing a Kitchen
May 21, 2021
Download Printable VersionThe Pot Lid Drawer Pot lids are one of those awkward items that always seem to be falling all over the place within a cabinet and taking up lots of valuable storage space (because you can’t really stack anything on top of a pot lid!). This solution is one of our absolute favorites [...]

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