Where to Invest in a Remodel: Enlarge or Add a Window

May 26, 2021

When I meet with clients for the first time and they’re embarking on a remodel project, they often inquire where it makes sense to invest more of their budget and where it makes sense to cut back. One of the best and most impactful changes to an existing space and one that is well worth the investment is enlarging or adding windows. Enlarging an existing window or adding new windows allows more natural light to flow into the space making it feel lighter, brighter, bigger and more open. It also often creates a dramatic focal point in the room.

Check out these examples of kitchen remodels below to see how enlarging a window completely changes the space!


Before photo of a kitchen

The owners of this home were ready for a complete overhaul of their kitchen. In the old kitchen, the space between the windows that flanked the range-top was small and made the hood and skinny wall cabinetry appear cramped.


After photo of kitchen light and airy

In the redesign, I swapped the sink and range locations and added a large window above the sink.  The window addition created a definitive focal point and transformed the kitchen into a more open and inviting, lighter and brighter space.


Before photo of large kitchen

This home sits on a beautiful, expansive, large lot of land and the existing kitchen window did not take advantage of the gorgeous views. The window also felt small for the space and size of the kitchen and made the oak cabinetry more of the dominant feature.


After photo of kitchen with bigger window

By enlarging the kitchen window, it immediately becomes the focal point of the space and draws your attention to the stunning views outside. The new window also brings so much more natural light into the space.

Therefore, if you’re starting a remodel project and are questioning what areas to invest more of your budget, know that enlarging or adding windows is always a great choice!