Our Favorite Cabinetry Inserts When Designing a Kitchen

May 21, 2021

The Pot Lid Drawer

Pot lids are one of those awkward items that always seem to be falling all over the place within a cabinet and taking up lots of valuable storage space (because you can’t really stack anything on top of a pot lid!). This solution is one of our absolute favorites and all of our clients love it! It’s a shallow drawer that sits hidden within a 12” deep drawer. The shallow drawer depth accommodates the pot lids perfectly and there’s still plenty of room for storage below for items like baking dishes and frying pans.

Pot Lid Drawer

The Pull Out

We love planning a 12” to 15” wide pull-out in the kitchens we design as it provides the perfect storage for oils, vinegars, and extra-large spice bottles.

The cabinet pull out

The Spice Rack

Our favorite solution for spice bottle storage is within a shallow drawer. With a full-extension drawer and tiered rack, all of the spices are completely visible and easy to find.

The Spice Rack Drawer

Vertical Partitions

Vertical tray partitions provide the perfect storage for cookie sheets, baking trays, muffin tins and even shallow platters. One of the best locations for the vertical partitions is over a double oven stack or a 72” high refrigerator. The cabinet above these appliances is often very deep and high which makes it difficult to access. By adding vertical tray partitions, the cookie sheets and trays sit at the front of the cabinet, making them easy to see and grab, and nicely utilizes that high and awkward storage space. Another great location to integrate vertical tray partitions is within base cabinetry to house cutting boards.

Vertical Partitions

Knife Drawer

Knife storage within a drawer eliminates the need for a knife block on the counter, giving more countertop space for actual prep work.

Knife Drawer

Drawer Partitions

Everyone seems to have LOTS of kitchen utensils like spatulas, stirring spoons, measuring cups and spoons, graters, and can openers, to name a few. And they’re often crammed and mixed within a drawer and get shuffled each time the drawer is opened and closed. By creating sections within a drawer, it allows various utensils to have a designated home so they’re easy to find and access.

drawer partitions
Drawer partitions

Trash & Recycling Pull Out

A trash and recycling pull-out is an accessory we incorporate in every kitchen we design. The pull-out is super convenient and eliminates the need for bulky trash cans and recycling bins sitting on the kitchen floor.

Trash and Recycle Pull Out